I don’t need to scream


Someone today told me that I would never be a good leader if I don’t learn to be a little harsher and firmer towards people in general. She said I needed to learn to raise my voice and show them who’s boss. It made me wonder why that was so and why people thought that. It made me think of all the great leaders of the world, of all the leadership books I might have ever read and of all those legends who started from the bottom to reach the top of the world. As I introspected, I realized that leadership the opposite of what she said.

It really is about vision and perspective. Its about excellence and being the best best version of yourself. It’s never ordering people around. It’s serving people. It’s being there for people day in and day out. It’s loving the job and loving the people you work with. It’s about influencing others by your actions and your life, I, personally believe that this applies to every leader- be it high school captains or the CEO of a company or even the President of the United States. It’s not walking alone. It walking with people, leading by the hand. It’s being accountable for one’s mistakes. It’s never forgetting that you’re not perfect. It’s what encourages the team spirit and is ready to sacrifice anything for the team and the people you work with. Leadership is more than being the boss. Leadership is responsibility. But more importantly, leadership is about becoming an inspiration.

To the girl who told me I would never be a good enough leader, I said, “Leadership isn’t screaming my head off at my juniors. It’s being so excellent and serving so diligently that you automatically influence the others around you.”


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