More than details

I’ve been doing a study on the book of Genesis in the Bible. This is an extract from my own personal notes on Chapter 6 – The Story of Noah. I hope it is a blessing to anyone who reads.

I am a writer. I am a thinker. I focus on the technicalities and details. That’s what intrigues me about this story. But today I will not focus on the details. I choose to see the larger picture in this story. This story is more than the “Nephilims” and whoever their fathers were, whether they were angels or demons. This story is more than the evil inclinations of the heart of man. It is more than the iniquity that was discovered in the heart of man.
This story is a story of abundant and everlasting grace. It is a story that goes to show the love and mercy in God’s heart. Despite the immorality on earth and despite the fact that God Himself regretted making humankind, he still thought of Noah – the last righteous man of his time.

This is a story of obedience. A story of an old man who sought the heart of the Lord despite the circumstances and the people around him. Noah said “Yes” to the voice of God.

This is also a story of the covenant that God kept with Noah. A covenant of the faithfulness of God to his people.
Perhaps the greatest impact this story has made on me this time around comes from a glimpse of the BIG PICTURE- seeing the story for more than the details of it. This is something I personally struggle with. I know that it is not wrong to be interested in technicalities but I guess it isn’t always helpful if it then becomes a barrier for me, something that blocks what God wants me  to see from his word. Perhaps, I need to just lay back and say, ” Father, can I just sit here and know that you are good and your grace is exceedingly more than what I deserve? ” From this story I seek to know Him more and to seek His face. No, I cannot always be concerned about details. I know in my heart of hearts that You are good and Your love is unfailing. “


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