Inside the mind of the caffeinated optimistic cynic #2

You may be thinking that this is a rather weird title for my post. I guess I’m into Oxymorons. 😛

Anyway, it’s been a few months since I have been a “blogger” and what I’ve realised is that I usually have random thoughts that can later be turned into poetry, stories or random blog posts. So I decided to start jotting them down before I forget them.

Most of them have actually evolved but there are a few that remain untouched on the sticky notes in my phone.

Therefore, I decided to put a few of them up just for fun. (I’m sorry I don’t have a cleverer reason) So, here they come!!!

1. “It seems your heart has turned into a white expanse of nothingness. Forgive me, I don’t want it anymore.”

2. “Today, I found myself longing for his rhythmic apologies as I fell for typed lines on an illuminated screen.”

3. “You should fly away and forget I ever had gold dust.”

4. “My friends said I was way too fat. I also heard them say Beyonce’s fat. I’m all good, baby!”

5. “I see squirrels in your eyes.”

6. “I will follow you even if the sun does not rise today.”

7. “He never forgot how she marked his flesh like the label at the back of his jacket.”

8. “Because he was her first lover and friend, she decided to love his whole mephistophelean self.”

9. “I love how she kisses people with her eyes.”

10. “I’m caffeinated without a drop of coffee.”

So there’s ten little random thoughts that have crossed the mind of the caffeinated optimistic cynic.

Have a great day/night/etc!


Photo credit: The Wandering Angel / Foter / CC BY


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