It’s either the doctor way or no way

People who don’t study biology and later join Med school are total dumbos. They will never make it in the world. If they wish to redeem themselves, they may study for entrance exams so they get into IIT. Engineers are needed in this country.

Really? What about me?

Honestly, I’m tired of this conversation. I’m tired of realizing that in my part of the world, if I like English or History or International Politics instead of Math and Biology, I’m a loser. I am sick of hearing someone say that smart people become doctors and dumb people become teachers.

Hello? Didn’t teachers teach doctors too?

But I also realize that talking about stereotypes and how terrible they are isn’t going to change the mindsets of people in society. It requires actually showing them that you are more than a plastic doll with no brains. It’s hard sometimes; living in such a situation but it can only give me more drive and motivation to do well. I hate being negative about society and the minds of others. But sometimes, I am a just a seventeen year old who is tired.

On the brighter side, Narendra Modi isn’t a doctor and he’s the most powerful man in India.

I’ve got hopes too. 😉


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