Studying creation

Today, I am doing a revision study on the book of Genesis because I have to prepare for a test I have at ” Foundation Class.” I’ve actually been reading and studying for a few months now and today, I just took some time to go through it and reflect on what I have been reading. The following is an excerpt from my personal reflections as I go through Genesis again.

Studying the creation story is almost like a labyrinth of unanswered questions and close to impossible circumstances that challenge the scientific mind. There are multiple debates between creationists and evolutionists. There are multiple theories that try to corroborate the creation story with a kind of modified evolution theory. But perhaps, we just have to be like the little ones sometimes. Maybe, I have to just believe. This doesn’t mean I will not question God. He’s not afraid of my questions. But, I cannot question the validity of His word. I’ve seen too much and I’ve heard too much already. I have experienced the God of the universe and I will continue to love Him beyond my minuscule questions.

Time and again, God has shown me His unending love and unrivaled grace. In the creation story, I see a love so great that it cannot be fully comprehended. I see a God so powerful and yet, so relational. He created mankind for the purpose of relationship. We were created to be loved. It makes why anyone would care to create me and then, love me. But then, that is my God. 

Photo credit: DeeAshley / Foter / CC BY-NC

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