God is talking to me through a cat

A cat can teach you many things like the significance of love and companionship. My cat is different because through her I am learning rather painfully a little bit about God’s heart for his lost children.

I own a three month old kitten who is probably a mix of every breed out there but she does exhibit some Bengal traits. I’m guessing it’s somewhere in her genes. Her name is Zooey and she extremely cute, lovable, easily excited, sensitive, overly curious, emotional, beautiful and everything a cat should be. Most times, she is a joy to be around though once in a while, she gets a little naughty. She always tries to run away from home and even though she gets the best cat food available, she likes to go through the garbage for stuff to chew on. She used to have a lot of pooping accidents earlier on. I thank God she is finally toilet trained.

You may be wondering what all this has to do with God and a piece of his heart. Well, I am not sure how it started but these past few days, I have been having “revelations” because of Zooey. As I continue to fall in love with her, I also begin to realize how much God loves me.

I am also beginning to make comparisons between my relationship with Jesus and Zooey’s relationship with me. Zooey knows that home is where she is safe and fed. The last time she ran away, we found her terrified and hungry. But despite this fact, she still tries to run away whenever she gets a chance.

I begin to see myself in this. I know that Jesus is my saviour and that I have a true and living relationship with Him. I know that safety and love is in Him. Yet, I still get curious and run away sometimes, only to find myself tired and hungry. When I come back to the foot of the cross, I am broken and it is He who keeps me whole.

Though I love my cat a lot and I do everything to make her life comfortable, she sometimes gets aggressive and starts to bite me and my family members. She calms down and cries only when she is hungry much later. I realize that most of us, children of the living God, are like that too. We get annoyed with life and we live it on our terms, until we realize later that it is in Jesus where we find life. So we ask for forgiveness and He always forgives us.

I give Zooey the best cat food that my family can afford and she loves it. It is healthy, nutritionally rich and tasty. She’s a cat. She loves cat food. But she also likes to rummage through the garbage once in a while. And she gets sick because of this. So I say to myself, aren’t we all like that? We forget how kind He is and we run around pretending that we don’t need him. We know that our nutrition and life comes from worship and His Word but instead we get caught up with the glitter of the world. Sometimes those glittery things are like garbage. A part of me hates to admit that. I hate to know and say that I have a fleshly sinful self that likes garbage. It makes me vulnerable. But, I guess vulnerability is the key to change.

I am like my cat in more ways than I ever imagined. I know she loves me. She likes to sit on my stomach and purr. I tell her stories and sometimes, I listen to her. It’s amazing how much I love her and how aware I am of her love. It’s almost crazy. I also begin to have an awareness of how much I love Jesus and how he loves me. Perhaps I will never be able to fathom His love completely and I know that am secure and safe in His arms.

Today Zooey ran away again and I have looked for her far and wide, I am reminded of the parable of the lost sheep and the shepherd. For me, it’s a lost cat. The shepherd left ninety-nine sheep to go for the lost one. I don’t have ninety-nine other cats and I am already broken trying to find this one. If God doesn’t do a miracle, Zooey will be lost forever. I will lose her and she will lose me. I have been praying with tears in the corner of my eyes. If God knows how many hairs are there on my head, He knows where she is and I know He can bring her back. I don’t want her to be a lost cat. I love her too much. If losing a cat can cause so much pain, I can’t think or even begin to imagine the pain in God’s heart for every lost child. I hope she comes back. I was once a lost child but I came back to my safe place. I came back to my saviour.


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