Broom and Gloom

Memories of a Culture

A couple of weeks back, I was reading a number of the myths and the legends of the Khasis and I realized that it is amazing how such stories were said to have been produced  orally, hundreds of years ago, in a state of timelessness  which is almost dreamlike and still one could see these myths and legends alive and living in the form of the daily activities and practices of the people.

The storytelling tradition which is an inherently important part of the Khasi society goes way back to the time of the creation of their myths and legends when they were orally passed down from one generation to another. Why I chose the word ‘storytelling tradition’ is because the written script of the Khasis came into being only in 1840.

It is said that the Khasis are indebted to their myths and legends for their worldview about one…

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