I am not empowered.


That’s the big deal now. That is what is trending and cool. My choice. My being. Me.

If you’re wondering what I am talking about, it’s the recently launched video by Vogue Empower with Deepika Padukone, a huge Bollywood megastar. It’s already gone viral which is no surprise because it is powerful visually and intellectually but then I stop to ask myself if it is empowering. After all, that was the purpose of it .

The video speaks truth from one perspective. It’s free choices we make that define what becomes of our lives. We all have the right to choose. But in it, I also see a message of narcissism, indifference, adultery, infidelity and plain selfishness. That is why, I question this video.

Because I do not feel empowered.

Adultery.Sadism. Indifference.

How could I possibly say that “my pleasure” could even be at the cost of causing pain to someone else? How do we justify causing pain?

Isn’t it the women who complain when men cheat? Or cause them pain? Am I not the one who hates indifference? Don’t we ask for the world to understand us?

And when did sin ever become the weapon that is used in the fight against patriarchy?

To me, this video is selfish. The writer is selfish. Because, it’s all about “ME”. All about “MY” choices.

If this is the case of women, then men can also say it is their choice to oppress. Yes, we have free choice but just because we’re women does not mean every choice is the right choice. Sin does not empower.

So. I am sorry, Deepika Padukone. I am sorry, Homi Adajania. I’ve always loved it when people stand for things they believe in. But today, I am just supremely disappointed.

So instead,

I choose love, empathy, selflessness, goodness, righteousness, excellence, faithfulness and compassion.

This is my choice.

I choose to be empowered.


5 thoughts on “I am not empowered.

  1. My dear, as much as I don’t agree with all the aspects of Deepika Padukone’s video, I would like to bring to your notice that the thrust of the video’s message resides in its contestation of the historical phenomenon called patriarchy. It is not a message which emerges out of a vacuum but one responding to the oppressiveness of constructed morality and the culture of patriarchy.


    1. I respect your opinion of it but I believe that non-revolutionary feminism thinks of patriarchy as the root cause of oppression but true revolutionary feminism sees class divisions and the depravity of the human heart as the real cause of oppression…


    1. It is my personal opinion that there are different kinds of feminists and different kinds of feminism. Maybe from one perspective, I am also a feminist but I also believe that there is more to equality than outward expression of frustration. I did not feel empowered by this video because all it promotes is self-centred outward expression. However, I do believe that women must be empowered. But this is not it. This video does not show a feminism that is perceptive of caste, class, race or anything but a form of patriarchy. But to fight patriarchy, I do not believe one must become his or her nemesis. All I am saying is that there should be more to empowerment.

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