Blue Sad. White is a mighty light. (Bumper Stickers and Life)

Four years ago, my uncle came to pick me up from school and as we sat in the car, we noticed the bumper sticker on the bus in front of us. It was big blue bus and it proudly said “Blue sad. White is a mighty light.” Now, this didn’t actually make much sense but it definitely became our joke for the day. We’d go on and on laughing at the ridiculous sticker with the fancy calligraphy.

Two weeks ago, we came upon the discussion on bumper stickers again and of course, how there is no dearth of rather absurd and hilarious bumper stickers on cars around my town. And since I was on holiday, I decided to collect as many of these hilarious quotes as I could in two weeks time. All from the back of people’s cars!

As I told my family about this new mission of mine, I was pleasantly surprised when I heard their stories of what they had seen on the cars around here.

There was one car that said “Wat iam. Ngan sa wan.” That’s Khasi for “Don’t cry. I will come“.

Sorry dude. I ain’t crying for you anyway. 😛

Then there was, “Follow me like a follower, not like an enemy.”

I wonder how you can follow someone like an enemy. You must enlighten me.

Last King of Sutnga

What is this? A sequel to the Last King of Scotland, maybe?

Use diapers at night.”

For all the people who still struggle with bed wetting.

“Prepare for night fury”


“Almost yours but never again.”

That’s sad but I don’t want you either.

“Love is best but kids are corrupted.”

That’s solid advice, man! (note the sarcasm -_- )

“Don’t you wanna be a pirate?”

Heck yeah!

“Trouble down below”

That is seriously concerning.

Well anyway, those are just a few with my thoughts adding a bit of salt to the curry. Here are a few more. Comment your thoughts on them ! 🙂

Be happy and always notice what the car in front of you is saying!

God gift 3 bees

Good Luck. Care my signal.

Thanks for all your days.

Back off! Be cool.

I’m sorry. I can’t be perfect.

A hundred miles by his blessing before I sleep.

Two bro’s two sis’s

Boys razing

Always always yours

Tata coup club

Fancy Mary

Die grace!

Need to be in underground


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