I’m mysterious (Bumper Stickers and Life- Part 2)

A couple of weeks ago, I made a little blog post about funny bumper stickers that I had noticed over a course of two weeks. Many people liked it and I was pleasantly surprised when a few people sent me the funny one liners that they had seen.

Yesterday, I returned from a one day trip back to my hometown and in just one day, I already noticed some more hilarious messages the cars were giving me. So here it is, the second part of Bumper Stickers and Life 

1. I’m mysterious 

So mysterious a car that I couldn’t even respond anymore 😉

2. Drive slow long life. Drive fast short life

Makes sense *_*

3. I know I’m a hot car but no kissing me!

Wow! Now that’s a confident car. RESPECT.

4. Jai jai seh bahbah ngan sa ai te. (Slow down mister. It’s okay, I’ll give it to you)

So what exactly are you giving me? Just curious.

5. The closer we get. The source of light.

This is so profound. Whoever wrote this must be the next Shakespeare of our time. 

6. Make me famous always and forever.

Sure, that’s what I’m doing right now! 😀

7. Please have a nice day

Yes, I will 🙂

8. True Love Vimpire

Vimpire?? I’m dumbstruck *_*

9. Lah ai burom ( Respect has been given)

Thumbs up to you, car

10. Dhoro, Go fast or go home


*Standing ovation* *Clap Clap*

And then ofcourse, last but definitely not the least

11749434_1448063572170018_1861290194_n (1)

I’m literally laughing out loud right now. I already cannot wait to document more of these amazing one liners. Until next time, Ciao!


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