On a poetic journey

As I was cleaning out my room today, I found some of my old stuff. It occurred to me how sentimental I am as I found old pictures, letters, diaries, random bills, messy notes and all my old poems. I went on a nostalgic path of reminiscence as I recalled moments that were lodged in the archives of my heart. Most importantly, I looked back on my journey as a poet and a writer. It all went back to when I scribbled on coloured pieces of paper, all those clichéd love stories and poems that could hardly be called poetry at all. And as I thought of my poetic journey, I smiled for I know it is not over. My heart is still stirred by the path I am on.

I have a poetry blog now, called A Poetic Journey and should you go through it, you would see some of the poems I write today as a seventeen year old poet passionate about the world and life in its essence. In this blog post, I would like to share to you a little bit of where it all started and how this journey has unfolded so far.

I found a piece of paper today on which I wrote a little poem on friendship. Perhaps, I wrote it when I was six or seven. I cannot remember exactly but it’s the definitely the earliest surviving work I have.

On it, I wrote


is a precious pearl

…and when friends part

…through the tear

drops that trickle down

The glow of love 

will forever shine.


I can’t recall who I wrote it for or how I suddenly decided to write a poem but I do know, I’m glad it stuck, for poetry has become my sanctuary from the world, a place where I can be completely honest and myself without inhibitions, vulnerable to the being of my soul. The first poem that I showed my parents was called ‘Jadis’ inspired by the Jadis, the white witch in the Chronicles of Narnia, a series that I read at age ten.


As I went through more and more of my old writings, I also found diary entries, I am too embarrassed to talk of and stories of high schools I dreamt of being at. I wrote poems on flowers, books, people and the beat of my drumming heart. Fast forward into newspaper clippings of my first published poems and I can remember the joy I felt as a fifteen year old girl who had longed to be recognised. It was there that I began to actually write poetry seriously and it was then that I began taste the sweetness of appreciated work. I began to want to refine my craft even more and today, I testify that I have been able to do that even though I am far from finished. My journey with poetry has been ten years now, but I still feel this is just the beginning. A hundred poems old and I know that I have more on my way and know that this journey will never stop stirring my heart. My only desire is that this craft might also stir your heart.




The lines above are from one of my latest poems. To read the complete poem, Click on this link –


To read my poetry blog, click on this link-

A Poetic Journey


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