What she does these days

A Poetic Journey

This poem was written in response to the ISIS bombing of Palmyra, a major historical site in Syria.  Many say that this terrorist group has destroyed the ‘Venice of the Sands’ and some would even go so far as to say, that the heart of Syrian history has been ripped apart. As a lover of history myself, it was always a dream to go see Palmyra. But now, all that’s left is bombed rubble and stone. But what is even more heart breaking is the people that have lost their lives to ISIS. On the first day, when ISIS captured Palmyra, I read that seventeen people were killed. I am not sure whether that is an accurate figure but I know that innocent blood was spilled. I realize that more than anything, the heart of Syria has been ripped apart because of the people that die in the name of religion. I wish people would go…

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