Why should gais have all the fun?

I can’t really articulate what it feels like to live in a democratic country where everyone has equal rights and yet, in some states people aren’t allowed to eat what they want. This morning when I opened the newspaper I instantly went to the front page headlines like I always do and this time, my eyes went instantly to this article that read

Street Snub to Beef Ban

As I began to read it I came to know that the Jammu & Kashmir High Court had issued a directive to implement a beef ban in the state. It went on saying that clashes broke out between protesters and the police. It seems people took to the streets in and began slaughtering cows publicly in protest to this absurd law. I’m not one who encourages mayhem or street violence but for once, this sounds legitimate. Why wouldn’t the people protest?

I understand that the Hindus in this country consider cows sacred and I respect that. I can’t imagine forcing beef on anyone who believes cows are sacred. I would even go so far as to say that maybe cows shouldn’t be slaughtered at places where it may be seen and noticed by our Hindu brothers and sisters. We shouldn’t offer them beef and maybe when we eat together, it would be advisable to not eat beef. Beef can be eaten privately. And the same goes for pork which the Muslims find unclean. Maybe, we should all be more considerate.

But then, we live in a democratic country where we have rights. Beef cannot possibly be totally banned. It’s already banned in Maharashtra and I can’t even comprehend it properly. How can the Government promote or allow such injustice? Now, you might say it’s not a big deal but it is. I am personally not even a big fan of red meat myself but I still fight for this cause because I believe that the minority communities who eat beef should get to do so.

I think that any open minded, educated and liberated person will agree with me and I shouldn’t even have to argue my points out because in this free country, I am not the only one making noise about this. I am one of many. We can’t allow India to become a place where freedom is limited. Our Preamble to the Constitution clearly states “liberty” as one of the major ideals of our nation.

As for Kashmir, this ban is even more absurd. It’s a muslim majority state where people eat beef. A lot. It doesn’t even make sense to implement such a ban. I am appalled by the high court’s decision to implement this. Somehow I have always had a little more faith in the judiciary (rather than the Government) because it isn’t supposed to be swayed by political motives, vote banks or even religious fanaticism but today, I am disappointed.

I believe that are bigger and more important issues at hand in our nation. Poverty. Rape. Domestic Violence. Corruption.

These are just a few examples that need more attention. I’ll just conclude with a joke I read on the internet. I guess sarcasm might make me feel just a tiny bit better.

All the hens and goats in India be like, “Why do gais have all the fun?”

*Translation: Gai= Cow

Photo taken from www.123rf.com


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