Devil rocks in heaven (Bumper Stickers and Life- Part 3)

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know I collect quotes from funny bumper stickers and then post them here when I have a few. A big shoutout to the friends who send me the occasional quote that they notice and also the biggest shoutout to the people from whose cars I’ve stolen these funny one liners. 😛

  1. Tro Sport Heartz 

Now this came from a real nice wannabe sports car with flames right around the tires. Real sporty 😉

2. I’m ready to get rowdy 18 years

Oh my! This may apply to me since I just turned 18 😀 Rowdy Rowdy

3. When you follow me, I infon of you

Stating the obvious -_-

4. Front over you

wow, what does this even mean???

5. Car of God

I can see your halo, halo, halo (Beyonce voice)

6. Shady I’m back

I’m guessing this guy is friend’s with Eminem since he’s obviously putting out this bumper sticker for him…A word of advice though, you could just call him and tell him you’re back (just sayin’)

7. Relax no fear. I’m here

I am no longer afraid.

8. This truck is cool because I drive it

I’m sure it is…

9. Take it easy driving
The life you save may be mine


This is hella good advice. Salute!

And since I always save the very best for last,

10. Devil rocks in heaven


* *No words* * (cries)


If you read any of my bumper sticker posts and you find that it’s actually one of your bumper stickers, know that this post and my little comments are all in jest. It’s just a bit of good fun. So laugh along fellas 😀


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