Is 5 feet tall still relevant?

If you’re reading the title of this blog post, you may wonder what this means and if this post is even relevant at all? It almost seems rhetorical for this to be the title. After all, the blog was never a blow out success or viral online for any reason.

So the real question is whether 5 feet tall was ever relevant at all?

Well, not to the world, maybe.

But then, I never started this for the world anyway. I just needed a platform to write whatever I wanted, to be free and liberated, to overcome stereotypes and use the pen as my weapon through life’s battle. As cliche as all of that sounds, it was relevant to me because it did exactly that for me. This blog was my space in the world wide web. My own corner of self awareness and perhaps, borderline narcissism considering how my book reviews or opinions don’t really matter in a network of unending reviews and opinions. I was and am a spec of dust in the desert of blogs and blog posts. 

Everyone on the internet writes.

The most read posts (including ones I read) are either lists or some “interesting” and “weird” story you’re led into via click-bait.

So why do I even care about being part of this web anyway?

Because I am a part of it no matter what. I read articles. I watch videos. I post pictures. I update my social media. I write.

I might as well try to articulate my thoughts well.

The truth is, though, that I’ve failed at my task of keeping up with the web. I got into the college I only ever dreamed of and though I love it greatly, I have somehow allowed it to become my excuse to not write. “I’m always either too busy or preoccupied.”

Should I shut down the blog completely then? This is, after all, my first post this year. To my rational mind, that makes sense. It’s a dying blog and I hardly post anymore. It has been almost half a year of it being inactive. But my heart says ‘no’, which doesn’t make sense (of course) -_- But then when have human hearts ever made sense?

Perhaps it is because I love writing and I should continue to write. I created this platform myself. I’ve given my time and heart into so much that I have written over two years. Perhaps, I should not give up on this…

I read somewhere long ago,

Poetry is not about the inspiration to write but the will to write it.

Believe me, this makes more sense to me now than anything else. So here I am with my final push. I will revive 5 feet tall again because even if it is never relevant to the world, it is to me. Here, you see my growth as a writer and as a person. There is more that is coming…

This is not the end.

P.S. Please forgive me for another midnight rant. I do these here every once in a while. I need it for my sanity. 😉 Also, just realised I started my last rant with the same/ similar quote. LOL. Sorry peeps *sarcastic smile*

Photo credit: photosteve101 via / CC BY


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