I am actually 5 feet tall.

I know that seems totally absurdly random but that’s why I chose it to title this blog.

Because I’m short and I’m okay with it. Many people have teased me about it and I have been a little insecure about it too. But, I’m learning to love the fact that I’m will never “fit the box” completely. I’m learning to love being me.It’s way deeper than a height issue but this is where is all started.

This blog was birthed out of a time when I felt incredibly stereotyped and judged because of what I look like and not what I actually am. I’ve always loved to write so I decided to channel my frustrations into a positive and creative forum. Gradually, this blog has grown into more than just my rants about stereotypes, but it has grown as I have grown. It’s a reflection of who I am and the things that are important to me.

Here, there is a variety of things you could read about. It can be thoughts, essays, poems, book reviews, challenges, short stories or even very personal and honest reflections on my own life.

P.S. : If you like poetry, follow my other blog on poetry, dreams and life

A Poetic Journey


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